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The Streeters are pleased to announce the permanent signing of defender Josh Guest. Read his inerview here...

Josh, congratulations on signing permanently. The fans are all delighted, but how are you feeling about it? Was it a difficult decision to make?

I wouldn't say it was a difficult decision at all, I really enjoyed my football here last season and there were so many good memories in just one year. I met so many good people. I couldn't turn the offer down.

You had a great first season, have we seen the best of you yet?

I think the best is yet to come from me. I think I have more to bring to the table in the next few years and I will only improve my game with more time on the pitch. I think last season I lacked when it came to composure but I think I can sort that part of my game out as I become more adapted to men’s football as it is a big change both physically and mentally.

What stood out as the highlight of last season?

I think this is a really easy question. The Charity Cup final was always going to be up there in terms of memorable moments but the way that we were able to win it was unbelievable. I've never seen anything like it, let alone been a part of. That has to be my number one memory I can take from last year

Has it been easy to join this group of lads?

Yeah I'd say it has been. Everywhere else I've been has had various clique's around the club and there wasn't always a good and positive atmosphere but with these lads I was made to feel comfortable straight away and not once has someone put me down whilst I've been here - only positivity from these lads. I find it quality!