With John Kell resigning after one successful season due to family commitments, it was all change at the top again for KSB United. After much consideration throughout the summer the club have appointed Brett Aspden, with Tom Pickup returning as his assistant. Aspden is one of the most experienced players at the club – clocking in 181 appearances and 10 goals so far. The centre–back is confident of success in this, his first managerial post.

When did you receive an approach from the club to become the new manager of KSB United?

A few weeks ago actually; Math Pickup approached me about my thoughts on being involved with KSB United and the management side of things. I was happy to have a conversation about it, but I knew I may well have other commitments around Christmastime so it was good to chat about Math’s thoughts too.

Will it be a tough task taking over from John Kell?

It will be a massive task to take over from John. He did such a good job last season; got the team organised and playing some good stuff. I guess the pressure will be on Tom and I to build on the good work that John did last year. The games I was involved with and watched were really enjoyable – and hopefully we can continue that this year.

What will you do differently as manager? Will you be making changes to the squad?

I don’t think I’ll try and change too much to be honest. At the level we play at it’s important to enjoy playing, so I’ll be trying to keep things simple. Obviously there will be changes in playing personnel – I know some people are leaving and people will join, so after a few weeks’ training we’ll see who will fit into each squad.

What are your aims for the team?

I think we have to try and build again on last season. We will be looking to get a good, solid start, some points on the board and look to get up towards the top of the table. I see no reason why we can’t with the players we have. I’d like to have a good spirit in the team, play in the right way, and hopefully enjoy some wins on the way. It would be nice to have a good cup run too!

Speaking of which, what do you make of the Cup draw with Central?

Yeah, it’s a good draw. They are a good team and it was a real privilege to be part of a side that could beat them in the Charity Cup final last season. They came second in the First Division so will be favourites against us I’m sure, but it will be a good test for us early in the season.

What type of football can we expect from an Aspden team?

Ha, most of the lads would probably say it’s a bit of a kick and rush approach! But to be honest I like to think when I’ve played most of the time I can get the ball down and knock it around – so I guess I’d want my team to be the same. We’ll be set up to be solid throughout but good and dangerous in attack (unlike me). I’ll be looking for us to do the basics well and build from there. We have good players so it’s about just getting the most from them.

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