Math Pickup is back in the managerial hotseat after taking over from Phil Argile. Despite winning the Charity Cup, league form was on the slide and Argile departed under a stormcloud. Pickup is keen to improve results and aim for that elusive promotion to Division 1…

Did you interview other people for the job or were you always the only name in the running?

Other names have been considered, but in the end we decided to go more for an ‘evolution not revolution’ approach. In the cups, last season was very successful, and I was Phil’s assistant for a large part of it. It therefore felt like we could continue that by me taking over Phil’s good work.

After the Charity Cup win form dramatically dipped – why do you think that happened?

I think there were a number of factors. Firstly we had injuries to key players which didn’t help, as well as more unavailability. We also didn’t have any kind of break between Janaury and April, it was a pretty relentless schedule. The Charity Cup win was of course incredible, and it was hard to keep ourselves motivated for the remainder of the season in quite the same way as we had been for the final. The end of the season wasn’t what we’d hoped for but we must still remember that 2016/17 was a great campaign for KSB.

What will you do differently to Phil on the field?

As I’ve said, Phil did a lot of great work with KSB, so it won’t be a case of whole sale changes being made. I’ll take some time to think about how the squad will have changed, and work out which systems we’ll be more suited to. We need to be adaptable and able to switch system or style within a match.

Will it be another season aiming for promotion?

We’ll certainly be doing all we can to make sure we’re competing at the right end of the table. It’ll be tough though – St. Philip’s Trinity were outstanding by the end of the season, and I expect Burnley Blue to be even stronger this year. We’ve got to make sure we’re competitive in every single game, working as hard as we can, and then we’ll see where that takes us.

Will you be playing in defence or midfield?

I’m not sure whether I’ll be playing at all yet! Pre–season is a chance for everyone to prove themselves worthy of a starting place in the first competitive game, come September. I’ll play wherever I’m needed, but if others are performing better than me, then I’ll be on the sidelines.

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